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Walking Through History

  • February 24th
Walking Through History

Walking Through History is a free walking tour of  Ultimo College happening during lunchtimes, monthly, for lovers of history and architecture or students looking to gain a deeper appreciation of their surrounds.

This is your chance to join a small intimate tour of our college with the highly respected historian, Norm Neill. Norm was the official TAFE historian and published the book Technically & Further so is an expert in the field and able to answer questions such as:

  • How many educational institutions began on the Sydney Institute campus?
  • Were woman allowed to study at the College in 1891?
  • What are those small circular inprints in the brickwork of Building B?

The Walking Through History guided tour will take you on a journey through the past 120 years of Ultimo College. You will visit the main buildings and learn about the history of the area, the architecture and how the buildings reflected a growing awareness of an Australian identity.

Taking about 60 minutes, the tour is filled with interesting facts and anecdotes of the times, of politics and past students. The tour also explains how the uses of the buildings have changed over the years and how the campus has grown. So join the tour at the front of the Muse, Building C, the tour will run for about an hour and you will get to hear interesting anecdotes of the times, of politics and past students.

What previous ‘history walkers’ had to say about Walking through History…

“The whole tour was marvellous.”

“It was great to get out of the office and feeling inspired by the beautiful old buildings and by TAFE’s noble origins.”

“Norm was excellent!”

“Being let by a historian that had previously worked at Sydney Tech [was great].  He had extensive knowledge of the history, which was fascinating.”

“A very pleasant and informative hour spent with Norm Neill.”

Come and join us!

The final tour will run from 12.15pm until 1.30pm on 6 December.

Please book in advance by emailing or call 9217 3380.



  1. Rose Pickard says:

    I would love to join these tours and will come to as many as I can. Missed the first one unfortunately. I attended Ultimo Tech. College as a full-time student in 1950 in the Day Secretarial Course, and in 1951-2 went as an evening student to study for my Leaving Certificate, having realised by then that I made a mistake in leaving school at 15 years of age. These classes were held not at Ultimo, but in an old building in John Street Pyrmont. Back then we paid upfront for all courses and I couldn’t even claim fees as deduction on my tax return!